Grade 1/2 2012

Welcome to your space on our Performing Arts Blog Grade 1/2s! Below you will find the Farmyard Role Plays that you wrote, rehearsed, changed, rehearsed again and performed for the Flip camera as a video presentation. Please show your parents, family and friends and invite them to give feedback.

1/2ET ‘It Was a Normal Day on the Farmyard- Except for the Birds!’

1/2CT ‘It Was a Normal Day on the Farmyard – Except for the Dogs!’

A very special performance by a Bombers fan at an assembly!


2 thoughts on “Grade 1/2 2012

  1. We were VERY proud of Bailey and his courageous performance last year too Amanda. I will encourage Bailey to have another ‘sing’ at our Open Mic Thursday lunchtime sessions in the near future.
    Mrs (Marg) Weston

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