Grade 3/4 2012

At the Performing Arts Fun Showcase, Harry Panache and Joseph demonstrated their awesome guitar skills!
Here are your original nature poem recitations Grade 3 and 4 students! You should all feel very proud of how you learnt your peom, like a dramatic monologue, and then tried hard to ensure that you looked at the camera for the entire performance. Please take the time to show your parents, friends and family and invite them to give feedback. You can even give yourself feedback about future performance goals.


10 thoughts on “Grade 3/4 2012

  1. Grade 3/4’s, your performances made me laugh and cry. I had to keep watching the videos over and over again. You are SUPERSTARS!

  2. I’m Joely Money’s Nanna. What smart children are in this class! Loved the poems too. Did they make them up themselves? Look forward to hearing some more. Keep up the good work kids and Mrs. Rutherford too of course!

    • Hi Joely’s Nanna! Thank you for checking out the students’ original poem and rap recitations on the St Kevin’s Arts Blog. I am Mrs Marg Weston, the Performing Arts teacher and I am very proud of how all the students wrote their own poems about nature and biodiversity (they were inspired by spending quite a length of time out side). They then rehearsed and nominated when they were ready to present using this new and exciting medium of video on a Blog. Please check out the other grades performances as well (when you have a chance) they are also very entertaining and would love any feedback you’d like to offer.

  3. Dear 3/4’s,
    As a 3/4 class teacher, I was attracted to your work. I was amazed at the beautiful use of language and your clear speaking voices! Well done!

    Mrs Yore

  4. The largest famile is the strings.The strings is the bigest because it has lots of sections.
    The group I would like to preorm in is precussion because I’m goodat playing the piano with both of my hands.

  5. 1 strings because it has most sechens plus it has more instrements.4 i would like to play the strings because it sounds nice.

  6. I love your blog with the light green and black,
    it explains what your passion and blog is about.
    The iformation is that you enjoy putting people
    on your blog.

    • Thanks for your comment Evie. I’m glad that you enjoy exploring the Blog. Have a great holiday break with your family. Mrs Weston

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