Under and On the Stage – The Orchestra

3/4 Mini Inquiry
Under and On the Stage – The Orchestra


The composer of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was Frenchman, Paul Dukas.

The composer of Rhapsody in Blue was American George Gershwin. The animation was drawn in the style of a famous American cartoonist named Al Hirschfeld.

Peter and the Wolf was composed by Russian Sergei Prokofiev








Hear all the instruments of the Orchestra on the dso Kids link below

(Dallas Symphony Orchestra USA)


Find out more about the instruments of the Orchestra and their sounds by opening the link to

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra ‘Instrument Locker Room’ on the link below.

New York Philharmonic Kids site


Play The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra Adventure Game on the link

below. Be sure to play the LOCAL GAME. Let Mrs Weston know if you complete the game!!! Good luck!









Sir Simon Rattle introduces Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten

Second half of Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra. Enjoy!

What do you think about this amazing digital music and image creation? I think it’s brilliant. It’s almost mesmerising to watch and my foot kept tapping the beat. Mesmerising means it’s hard to take your eyes off the images.

Wow..this 6 year old is amazing! What do you think?

After completing The Orchestra diagram sheet and discussing the answers with your group HERE ARE YOUR TWO QUESTIONS (please answer in complete sentences!)

Which instrument family  is the largest?

Which group would you like to perform in and why?


64 thoughts on “Under and On the Stage – The Orchestra

  1. the string family because they have the most instruments. my favourite section is percussion because I like the sound of them.

  2. Dear Mrs.Weston,
    I figured out that the harp is in the strings because I went on 3 websites and 2 websites said it was in the strings and the other one had it in the percussion so it is in the strings more swo the harp must be.

    • Well done for ‘conducting’ extra research Gemma! You now sound like an authority on the harp and its correct family grouping. We should try and find a way to contact the New York Philharmonic organisation and ask them why they included the harp in the percussion family. Could you research if we can do that from their link on the Performing Arts Blog?

  3. hey, Mrs. Weston, the “Rapsody in Blue” when I try to watch it, it says” this is blah blah blah blah blah from Disney, so someone block it sorry”.
    it won’t work.

  4. I am totally amazed and impressed by your brilliant work, Mrs. Weston and grade 3/4’s. You have learnt so much about what happens in an orchestra, and your discussion is fascinating.
    I have always wanted to play the harp. The harp is a very special instrument to the Welsh people, and I’d love to have a go.
    I would also love to crash the great big cymbals!
    Well done. I’m so proud of all of you (including Mrs. Brilliant Weston) 🙂

  5. Thanks for your feedback about the Orchestra Inquiry unit Mrs Rutherford. We all learnt heaps and, I think, it was a very engaging learning experience for everyone. I can’t wait to find an opportunity to share the unit (modified as required or not?!) with other grades during Performing Arts lessons. Under the Sea….Under the Skin…Under the Stage FANTASTIC! Hey!!???…..what about for next ‘passion’ Inquiry…..OVER ??? OVER ???? and OVER ???? I ‘bags’ OVER the Rainbow….could be a weather unit OR (most likely) Dreams….imagination….philosophy

    • Wow Leila! That’s fantastic news. Well done. Performing at the Templestowe Festival will be a wonderful experience for you.Congratulations.
      See you tomorrow. from Mrs Weston

  6. grade 1/2CE thought about song I’ve Got Rythm
    we enjoyed the song because
    it was interesting
    we think the choir did a good job


    • THanks Grade 1/2CE. The choir really enjoyed learning and performing this song. They did a very good job of learning movement for the assembly performance as well. All Grade Twos are welcome to consider joining choir next year.

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