5 thoughts on “Our Choir Sing From the Singing Genre of ‘Gospel’.

    • Thanks for watching the Choir’s first performance for the year Aria’s mum (Mrs GIBELLINI). These two Gospel songs do blend very well together and the choir really enjoyed learning and performing the counterpoint piece.

  1. That was wonderful! We have such a wonderful choir…fantastic to see so many children wanting to join in and have fun singing…

    Thank you for being such an influence on our children Mrs Weston 🙂

    • Thanks for the wonderful feedback Tracey. The students are really enjoying choir at the moment and it’s a delightful way for myself and the students to finish our busy ‘learning and teaching’ week!

  2. That sounded amazing!!! I really miss being in choir! It’s great to see so many new faces joining the choir and having a great time! You did a great job Mrs Weston and choir!!

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