Our Combined St Kevin’s Parish Choir at St Patrick’s Cathedral

Congratulations St Kevin’s Combined Choir! You did a magnificent job and truly made the Confirmation Celebration a beautiful and memorable event.

4 thoughts on “Our Combined St Kevin’s Parish Choir at St Patrick’s Cathedral

  1. Dear Mrs Weston
    I would like you to read this out to 3/4SC in music class.
    Thank you all for helping me when I needed help. The last day I was with you I was crying but I did not show it. I hope you are all happy. I wish you all the best.
    P.S Thank you for reading this to 3/4SC Mrs Weston. Just to let you know I’m now in 3/4G in my school. I’ll try to send you another comment.
    From Otylia

    • Hi Otylia
      I am so sorry that I did not get to read this to 3/4SC when you sent it. I will read to tomorrow! Wishing you all the very best in your new school.
      Best regards to you and your family (and a big hi to Natalia)
      Mrs Weston

  2. Dear Mrs Weston (and 3/4G)
    If you did not know I am going on camp this Wednesday and coming back on Friday with my school mates.
    Gues what this Monday it is Curiculm day at my school so I have it of and as you might know it is a public holiday on Tuesday so I don’t have to really go to school this week.

    P.S A few tips about camp
    This camp there is a 300 something flying fox, a bow an arrow course, and a lot of other things but I will save that for Friday.
    Also can you read this out to only 3/4G thank you so so so much
    By for now
    From Otylia

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