The Freedom Choir Festival 2015

The Freedom Choir Festival 2015
The St Kevin’s Choir had a wonderful experience at St Gregory the Great School. This was the venue on Wednesday 17th June for the 2nd Annual Freedom Choir Festival. This is a small but very valuable festival where students who share a love of singing and performing gather to share their songs and to receive feedback from a professional choir director and learn a new song as a ‘mass choir’.  Our Choir performed their secular (True Colours) and sacred (Send Down the Fire) songs with feeling and skill. The professional feedback given to our choir was that they told a story really well and that every word was understood. I was very, very proud of how some of our students overcame nerves and over-excitement to get on with the task of remembering lyrics, following the arrangement and recalling the movements. Our students really enjoyed meeting other students who shared their passion for singing and performance. Mrs Marg Weston

St Kev's CHoir Freedom Fest




On Wednesday the St.Kevin’s Choir went to St Gregory’s for The Freedom Choir Festival.We were joined by 5 other schools. Each school showcased their songs. We all had a great day. We all had a great day of singing and meeting making new friends who share the same passion. DP & AW Choir Captains

A lot of people were probably feeling very, very anxious yet excited! I guess it’s one of those things where you feel like it’s so nerve wracking walking up showing your talent in front of heaps of other students that share the same talent as you. However when you get up there and start singing, you feel so incredibly confident, and after that you feel so proud and you feel like you’re more than what you thought you were, it is crazy! LM – Arts Captain

At the start we all felt quite nervous but excited at the same time. Once we got up on stage everyone was having a great time and enjoyed the experience. It was really fun watching all the other choirs perform and hearing their feedback. It was also really interesting listening to Gabby,the guest director, who was teaching us some songs. I also think everyone loved singing the songs together with all the other choirs and also making some new friends. IV – Arts Captain

14 thoughts on “The Freedom Choir Festival 2015

  1. Hello Mrs Weston,

    What i enjoyed about the freedom choir festival was meeting lots of new people and getting ideas for the next choir festival and what we could do in the future.

    Before we got on the stage my body was filled with excitement and i was really nervous but after we had sung our 2 songs i was really happy.

  2. Hi Mrs Weston,

    I had lots of fun at the choir festival. I think it went really well . It was a really good idea to perform in front of and with other people that love performing and singing. I think it would be interesting though for next time if we could make it a competition. I think if it was a competition it would be more exiting and challenging.

  3. My feelings at the choir festival:
    Nervous, excited, happy, out of control,courageous and energetic.

    Meeting new people who like the same things (like music)you like.
    Knowing every ones personality
    encourages you to LOVE singing more

    I want to do it again because:
    It was fun
    I met new people
    i learned to sing better

  4. Hi Mrs Weston,

    I really enjoyed Choir Festival, and i honestly didn’t really feel nervous, and if in any way i did feel nervous, i felt energetically nervous 🙂

    Afterwards i felt extremely proud and like i have accomplished something, because i did, i felt extremely confident. I absolutely loved it.

    Thank you for a great time!

  5. Hi Mrs Weston,
    This is my reflection about the freedom choir festival.
    When we arrived at the venue I felt really nervous about getting up on stage to sing. As we listened to the other schools sing I became less nervous. When we went onstage I felt ready to perform. I think that the St. Kevin’s choir did an amazing job. This was a very rememberable day of singing and fun.

  6. Hi Mrs Weston,
    This is my reflection:
    When we first got to the choir festival I was energetic and excited. When it was nearly our turn to perform nerves came over me, I felt embarrassed to perform. Finally our turn came and we sang beautifully. After we performed I was very proud and all my nerves were gone! I wish I could go next year, but I hope that the Freedom Choir Festival continues so everyone can feel proud and happy for their singing abilities!!


  7. When we was singing true colours i felt nervous because i had a bunch of people watching me because i was in the middle looking sad and that was really scary for me because if i smiled it would all fall apart and i have troubles looking sad. send down the fire was ok but when we wer doing the movement i was being delayed and i wasent moving my hand up at the same time as everyone else so that was scary for me but everything else was fine and it was fun to meet up with some old friends from a different school and it was fun to hear what the judge said and it was fun to sing.

  8. hi mrs weston,
    I felt very excited.
    It took a lot of courage.
    I think we did good job.
    I have to do it again because we showed how we like to sing.
    It was fun!
    from Rachel

  9. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I think that the The Freedom Choir Festival was a great time and lots of fun making new friends. I think that next year we get a school choir badge.

  10. Hey Mrs Weston,

    The Freedom Choir Festival was a great day sharing songs and the love of music. I think that we could have stronger voices for ‘Send Down The Fire’ and have more softer voices for ‘True Colours’. It was nice to catch up with friends from other schools.

  11. I think we all did really Good. I think we should have practice but I am upsest with send down the fire. I think we were amazing we were good at true colours. we did great actions we were smiling and that is all that maters. I think you have taught us really well. thank you

  12. i think we did good in the freedom choir festival and we were all nervous but in the end we had lots of fun

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