These guys have truly amazing body percussion skills! How do you think we might be able to create something like this in our dance unit? How?


Copy the moves, have fun and increase fitness! Do you like the dance moves? Why?



6 thoughts on “A WORLD OF DANCE

    • I really like the dance music as well. Will you be able to join in with this dancing over the holidays by opening the blog at home? From Mrs Weston

  1. dear Mrs Weston
    hi hello I have not written to you in a long time hi again!
    just a few things I should let you know HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! okay really this is some news two of my cosiness came over from Poland I have been having so much fun with them. every week I think we Skype there mum really my Aunty I say hello and go to sleep. just to let you know this Saturday the whole family (with my cosiness) are going to swim with seals and dolphins.
    so I am going to miss you until the next time I am going to write to you.
    see you then bbbbyyyyeeee!!!!

    from OTYLIA:) :):):)

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