Maths and Music!  Noah’s Ark, animals, counting, a good singer and a gentle arrangement of an old melody. Mrs Weston likes it! Do you? Why? Do you know any other songs with numbers in the lyrics?

Victor Borge has fun with Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody #2.

Does it make you smile? Why?


Here is a fun way to learn about famous classical music composers. Let me know what you think of the game. Mrs Weston

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra ‘Instrument Locker Room’ on the link below.


16 thoughts on “FUN FUN FUN

  1. Hi Mrs.Weston!! I was checking out your blog and I saw some great stuff on there! I wonder what art we will be doing next time?? Ok bye 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi mrs weston how did your foot Surgery did they take care of you. I really like the videos. My favrouite one was the cat video it was amazing how the made the nose of a cat.
    from daniel

    • Thank you for asking about my surgery Daniel. They cared for me very well. If you have a chance, you could search for other video footage that features animation and classical music. Let me know if you find anything worth posting!

  3. Dear Mrs Weston,
    I really like Quaver’s marvellous world of music,
    I also cannot believe how many people did that dance thing in Belgium!

    • Very glad that you like Quaver Music Jordan. It’s fun and very educational. I too think it amazing how many people were organised to dance to Do Re Mi from the film ‘The Sound of Music’ in Belgium. Do you think we could do this at school? How?

    • I am very pleased you are enjoying Quaver Music Evie. I look forward to hearing all about the fun you have on this music website over the holiday break. Have you found anything new?

  4. hi mrs western I really enjoyed the prank its really funny when its unexpected.I also liked all the instrments working in harmony.
    what do think about this vidio mrs western

  5. I agree with you Emily. I enjoy the instruments and how they blend in harmony together. I think the video is very unique in the way that it combines animation and very skilled musicians. Do you think that there is any way that we could create a piece at school inspired by this work? If so, how? regards from Mrs WestON

  6. Hellooo Mrs.Weston, i love the (Let It Go ) translate it’s super funny! Are there any other videos like that? I f there are could you please put them on your blog?
    From Mieke

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