Garage Band

Garage Band iPad Tutorial  2

Garage Band iPad Tutorial  3


Garage Band iPad Tutorial 4 Loops

Smoke On the Water iPad – very cool!

Garage Band Apple Mac Tutorial Loops


122 thoughts on “Garage Band

  1. Hey Kirsten,

    I love your project, A little Loopy. The loops were very fun to listen to and overall it was a great project.
    Well Done!

  2. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I listened to Alicia’s and I thought it was pretty good but it could maybe go for a little longer and I also listened to Jiah and his was great! He had alot of good music and loops. All the songs I listened to ( nearly all) were great.

  3. Imogen,
    Wow! Your project ‘The Presence’ was absolutely amazing! I loved all the beats in it and how in one bit of the song the music faded out. Over all it was really cool.

    ~ Aria 🙂

  4. I like Sophie’s project, because I think it resembles medieval times, which I thought was quite imaginative. I liked how she added in her own composition for the song, and, with the recorder, it sounded great!
    Keep up the great work, Sophie!

    Immy 🙂

  5. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I like Rubens because all the music sounds well together I also like Evie’s and Abbey’s because they put good loops to gather and there where a lot of good beats in the music as well.

  6. OMG! Tiana I love your project its great I love the loops that you included they were awesome, and the recorder track was great.


  7. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I listened to Evie’s garageband project and I thought it was really good because she made the beats match really well. She also made her recorder track blend with the music which also made it better.

  8. Hey Tiana,
    Your GarageBand project ‘Country Song’ was honestly amazing! I loved the rhythm and all the loops you added. Keep uo the fantastic work!

    ~Aria 🙂

  9. Hey Kirsten,
    I love you GB project.I honestly think that your project rocks and the beat matches really well.


  10. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I listened to Jiah I really liked the middle to end part. But maybe make your recorder not so loud at the start but apart from that I sounds really good


    I Love your project I wish I could have it I wouldn’t change anything it was really catchy, Great job can’t wait to hear your next one.

  12. WOW! Dakotah,
    Your GarageBand project was amazing. I loved all of the beats and the loops in your project. Your recorder was probably my favourite part.

    ~Aria 🙂

  13. Feedback on ‘The Presence’ by Imogen.
    This composition is great!^^
    I like the eerie feeling and the how the different melodies all sounded great, despite being carved out of the same chords.
    Perhaps for an improvement, you could use different chords and keys for more contrast, but otherwise, your song is an enjoyable piece of music! :3

  14. Aria I really really love yours, your loops are really great and I love the recorder piece keep up the great work good luck on all the other garage band projects you do.


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