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Garage Band iPad Tutorial  2

Garage Band iPad Tutorial  3


Garage Band iPad Tutorial 4 Loops

Smoke On the Water iPad – very cool!

Garage Band Apple Mac Tutorial Loops


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  1. I have learnt that Garage Band is not that complicated, the first time is saw Garage Band I thought it was really tricky. I have watched the tutorial about loops and learnt how to use the instruments and loop them. Garage Band is good way to learn music because it helps you create your own music.

  2. I have learnt to create a nice, groovy song on garage band.

    I have watched a tutorial about loops and learnt how to create a loop in garage band on the iPad

    Garage band is a great way to learn about music because kids can create their own song for family to be proud of

  3. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I made a song on garage band from Blues and saved it, and then I did a loop on electric drums. AND IT’S SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

    • Glad you are enjoying learning and loving music from Garage Band Holly! I’m really enjoying the learning too!

  4. Hi mrs weston if you click the space bar on garage band it starts playing and if it’s at the end and you click enter it takes it back to the start

  5. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I learnt how to record your voice over the music. What you do is…
    You enter garage band and click on Track.
    You then click New Track…
    Then you click Real Instrument and create
    Press the record button and sing

  6. Hi mrs Weston here are some new things i learnt

    R: it lets you record stuff
    C:it makes it go on for ever
    S:it turns off all the sound on all the tracks except the one thats selected
    I: it records what you say into the microphone
    M: it turns off the sound on the instrument thats selected

  7. Hi Mrs Weston I found out that when you press enter in takes you to the start I if you press space it you pause it and play it and I think it really good

  8. Hi Mrs Weston on GarageBand I found on the Macs if you press I and on the headsets there is a microphone that you can speak and record your voice for your song.

  9. 1. I understand the rhythms and beats better because I listened to the different loops.
    2. I feel good making music with GB and it’s helped me learn a lot more about different kinds of music.
    3. In the future I think we could do more with GB. Like we could have a Music club when there is Open Mic in the stadium.

  10. 1. I Have a better understanding about beat and rhythms because I listen to garage band
    2.When I learn about music using GB i fell great because I like lopping and listening to the different sounds.
    3. In the future learning with GB we could whole day hole 2 hours of Garage Band

  11. Hi mrs weston i have finished my GB project it is going well i hope you like it. It sounds AWESOME!!!. bye and thank you for leafing us do Garage Band it is soooooooooooooo much fun. 🙂 😉 ;p :p

  12. Hi Mrs Weston
    Jiah’s song was really good i liked how he had the clapping at the end and the music was all different but Jiah put them in the right way which made it sound AWESOME it was very cool. It is a really good song but just a little to fast. Jiah’s song was called radio switching is AWESOME it is really good
    bye Mrs Weston

  13. Hi Mrs Weston I listen to Marcus’ song and it was really good because it a beat and all linked up and it had this really good drum and only thing that i didn’t like was it went to slow and it went for 2 minutes but other then that it was really nice and i think fro my opinion it is a really good song you should listen to it and he’s song is called hungry loops.

  14. Hi Mrs Weston in term 4 we could have a Garage Band competition and who ever makes the best song and there could be 3 people in one round then who ever gets the most votes wins and we keep on doing that and then there will be a Garage Band Grand Final and who ever wins the Grand Final wins and gets to get something or we could do it in pairs hope you like it.

    • Very interesting idea Jiah. Maybe, if we have time in Term 4, we could have a small ‘workshop’ competition(not real) and see if a ‘real’ one will help to improve students’ music and Garage Band skills and would be fun

  15. I listened to Sophie’s garage band project.
    She called her project Rainforest Beat
    I think it was really good.
    The speed is moderate.
    The recorder piece really fitted with the loops.
    And the loops Sophie put together sounded really good and they fitted well.

  16. Hi Mrs Weston,
    Today I listened to Matthew’s GB project. The name of his piece is “Viola Voltage”. The Tempo of the song is slow and the harmony sounds really unique In comparison to other projects I’ve heard. I think Matthew’s project is really good but it could have a lot more energy.

  17. Hi Mrs. Western.
    I listen to John-Robert’s GB project. I thought that his recorder matched his loops and he even put some singing in which I thought was cool. His GB project was awesome, well done JR.

  18. Hi mrs. Weston

    I listened to Elena’s GB project (simply jazz) I thought the instruments blended well and I liked how she did not use to many loops but they blend well together and the tempo and rhythm match well.

  19. My Garage Band reflection….

    1. I think garage band is fun, helpful and great. I think it’s also good to make some production sounds with the loops.

    2. The garage band loops make great tempo and great sounds. Musical sounds are great for young children. So garage band is a great thing to use.

    3. I find garage band a helpful use of structure and helps make feelings. So making music with garage band is great for using in art sessions while the kids are doing a quiet time listening to the music loops.

    By Ophelia

  20. Daniel, I really enjoyed listening to your project, and I really liked the end of your song. You song was really entertaining . I want to hear more of it.

  21. I liked D.S’s garage band track goodie. The tracks matched the recorder really well.

    I also liked K.H’s tracks and the name relates to the song very well because it is very smooth sort of project. All together i loved it.

  22. Kylah’s song lakeside was good, the song track really matched the recorder track. I liked it 😀
    The end!

  23. I really enjoyed P.S’s song which is called CountrySide and A.W’s song Which is called, The Waves Of Music!
    They both sounded great and I think they chose very wisely with there loop’s and there recorder pieces were amazing!

  24. Hi Bianca I really enjoyed listening to your, Jazzy Beat project. I liked how all the tracks linked with each other loop on the track. I really wanted to keep listening to more of it! I loved it!

  25. Hi #Jazz Rainforest,
    Your song is sooooooooooo Amazing. I really like how you made the Rainforest song fit in with the loops that you choose.

  26. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I think I did good on my Garage Band Project but next time I think I could get it done earlier if I wasn’t distracted to much but it was really fun recording then adding other loops.

  27. Hey Mrs Weston!
    I’ve heard a lot of different types of loops and recorder tracks, but even though all of them are played in other ways, I think they all have that something, and that something sounds really good. I can’t say that Jim played his recorder better than Bob, because they were all great in their own unique way. So, I guess I’ll just end this with saying, ‘All of the creations you guys made, were GREAT!’

    Thanks ~ Imogen 🙂

  28. Hi Mrs Weston
    I really like the project EGALE. It has really good beats and all the beats blend together

  29. Hi Mrs Weston, your Garage Band page is really cool, maybe you could take some pictures of us on garage bandand upload them. You could maybe also do something like us, doing a tutorial and upload it.

    • Thanks for your feedback Cooper. I really like your idea of uploading original tutorials created by the students. I’d like to talk to you more about this idea before the end of the Term. Mrs Weston

  30. Hi Mrs Weston!,
    I thought that making a Garage band project would be pretty easy but it turns out that it’s much harder to find loops that blend in with one another. Even though it was kind of challenging I am happy that I have completed my project and I had fun along the way.


    • Well done Alexandra! You have made a very good assessment and evaluation of your Garage Band learning experience. I am very glad that you have enjoyed the learning journey. Mrs Weston

  31. Hi Kylah,
    I really loved your song that you made. It really makes me feel jazzed up and partly calm. My favourite part is the violin, it sounds awesome. 🙂

    From Ophelia

  32. hey ophelia i love your song it sounds awesome i can’t wait to see what other songs you make they will sound awesome 🙂

    wow rueben it is a very spooky type of music i like how there is not just music there is zombie noises and overall it is a great garage bang project

  34. Hi Mrs Weston,
    I liked Rueben’s Music because it had music and also some Zombie noises. But all of it was good.

  35. Hey Mrs Weston,

    I listened to most of the projects and all of them were good but some of them really stood out. I enjoyed hearing the sounds of Funky Beat which had different sounds which really blended well together.


  36. the presence
    The presence is a very farm piece of music i like the different loops you put in it makes the music a spooky type of calm

  37. Hey Sophie,
    I really liked your project ‘Sunrise Of A Thousand Years.’ The music sounded amazing! I can’t believe that you played all of that. Keep up the great work!

    – Aria 🙂

  38. Wow! Sophie, your project was so detailed! You put so much more effort into your project than I did and I’m amazed by how well you did! The rain and the sitar (I think) It all just blended together well.


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