Z! It’s Magic!

Many students are excited by the tricks and performance style of ‘Dynamo’. Here is an interesting video where Dynamo answers several questions about his Magic skills and how and why he became a magician. Do you think that Dynamo is acting?

Please give a reason for your answer.

This card trick is fun and easy to create. Let us know if you enjoy fooling your family or friends!


3 thoughts on “Z! It’s Magic!

  1. Many Grade 5/6 students believe that learning magic tricks would be a great way to explore acting skills because being a good magican means practising. It is also acting because it works on facial expressions because the magician has to convience the audience.When you act you have to think ahead about what you are doing so does a magican.Someone might be an actor when they grow up and this might be one of their characters. Acting can be exciting and interesting but after awhile it’s hard work. Learning about acting can be fun and magic is fun.
    Gianni, Rhiana, Sebastian, Dane, Samuel

  2. Nice blog mr Weston I don’t go to your school so check out Jai the best magicians please I need you so my teachers can see how good I am with interacting ,comment please plus it’s my b’day to moro

    • Well hello Jai from Mrs Weston! Thank you for visiting my Performing Arts blog. I had a look at your blog and I can see that you really love magic! Do you have some good tricks or links that I can share with students at my school who love magic too? I hope your birthday tomorrow is full of magic and mayhem!! Be sure to let your teacher know that you connected with another school blog! Kind regards from Mrs Weston

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