Mrs W’s Trip

Dinner on the terrace of Villa Belvedere, Lake Como Italy. I want to find out how old and how deep Lake Como is because it must be one of the most amazing locations on this earth!

A funny one taken with reverse lens on the iPhone. Mr Weston was being a very serious photograher!Brunate

We took a vunicular rail up to this very high village called Brunate. It’s above Como in Italy

And they tasted great!

I listening carefully and followed instructions!

Learning to make tortellini! I did well.

Our little lit room in Doolin Co Clare Ireland

Looks like Duffy!

Our little lit room was ours in Doolin Co Clare Ireland

Castle Rock the view from our B and B.Wow!

Headless drummer in Dublin! Very funny!

A 5000 year old tomb at Knowth near Dublin

A very tall monument in Dublin

We saw a very famous old play about the Easter Upraising in Dublin.

St Steven’s Green thanks for the suggestion Mr Carr!

Flowers everywhere in Dublin!


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  1. Thanks for checking out the choir’s True Colours clip Mrs Hodson. Do you have any songs that you think might suit our choir? Were you ever in a choir Mrs Hodson?

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